Wedding venue woes

I am not the type of girl that has had my wedding planned since I was six. True, I've known who I wanted to marry since age 14, but the flowers, dress and colors? No idea.

Needless to say, Brian's recent question has thrown me into wedding planning overdrive. Suddenly, my computer's search history is filled with wedding websites, I'm getting emails from, and my coffee table is stacked with old issues of Martha Stewart Weddings (thanks Whit). While my thoughts have been consumed mainly by wedding thoughts the past two plus weeks, I am determined not to freak out about our day- especially since we have over a year to plan. Sounds positive, right? Well, I am happy to report that it is (almost) working.

Overall, I am very relaxed. We've changed colors a few times, we're figuring out who will be in the wedding, creating guest lists, etc. But there is one thing I am starting to panic over. Just one, that's not too bad right?

My one and only concern at this point is the venue. I really wasn't worried at first... we both knew we wanted an outdoor/rustic wedding. After searching quite a few places online, we settled on a shortlist of venues, mainly restored barns. We know, we're a bit odd, but the atmosphere just fits our personalities. Well, who the heck knew that finding a wedding venue would be so difficult? Here's a rundown of my last few days of calling and emailing:
Whew. So far, searching for wedding venues is turning out a bit like our house hunt. Hopefully we don't end up looking at 32 venues and end in failure this time around! In all reality, I know that we will find a beautiful location for our wedding, and the rest of the plans will fall in place. But I'd still feel a bit better about the whole thing if we had a date set. Time to hunt for some more venues...

Oh, and stay tuned! I ended up getting an AWESOME wedding organizer that I'll be sharing as soon as I have some time for photos!

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