Weekend planning woes

Another beautiful weekend is around the corner. For me, this weekend will be full of camping, s'mores, hiking, and the promise of an awesome sled ride down a ski slope. Sounds fun right?

Here's the problem: I am TERRIBLE at using my Filo on the weekends. Yes, I know. My poor, beloved Malden is just as upset about it as I am sure you are.

Don't get me wrong- I am great at advance planning for future weekends. The dinner with a friend on August 27? Yep, it's in there. The bridal shower I'm attending on September 3? That's in there too. Color coded and everything.

My problem comes into play with daily planning during each weekend itself. You see, during the week my Malden sits right next to me on my desk at work. It is always right there, open and ready for planning. But during the weekends everything changes. When I'm at home, the Malden is usually either in my handbag or closed up on a table (poor guy). And when I'm running errands and such, he once again sits perched in my bag.

It always seems that the last minute lunches/dinners/coffees/errands that I do on the weekends are always being added either later that night, or the next morning. Sometimes even the next Monday! I don't know what happens, but my planner usage goes out the window. Because I track a lot of random things, i.e. weather, what I ate for dinner, and a gratitude list, trying to remember all the things I did on Monday can be challenging. On the weekends, it seems that my Malden becomes more of a space to record what I've already done rather than what I plan on doing. Which I suppose isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So, as always, this is where I need your help. How do you use your planners on the weekends? Do you advance plan even the last minute lunches, or do you use them more to record what you've already done? Since I am out and about most weekends, how do you suggest I integrate my planner into my weekend life (even though it's always in my purse or within 20 feet)?

As a side note, the Malden will likely stay pretty sheltered in my handbag this weekend- the thought of him coming in contact with gooey marshmallows, campfires or sunscreen is terrifying!

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