The perfect weekend

After a rather stressful week last week, B and I decided we needed to get away. Plus, this past weekend was the only weekend he didn't have a wedding for the next two months! After much deliberating, we decided to head up to Northwest Illinois. Even though it is only a few hours from home, we felt completely at peace and in the middle of nature.

I think I may have started a miniature camping debate on Twitter last week when I mentioned we were heading out for the weekend. While I totally respect that each person feels there own way, I also cannot hide that I LOVE camping! I was seven months old the first time I camped, and I've been at it ever since. Actually, the problem B and I face most when finding places to camp is that sites are too modernized- we like it about as rustic as it gets.

Well, we found it this time! We ended up finding a great little campground with no electricity- not even any flush toilets or showers. (Needless to say, I was pretty stinky until I made it home to shower). Anyway, this type of camping is the most fun... or at least we think so! Plus, for $8/night, how can it be beat?

So again, I'm headed into another picture heavy post. Enjoy!

Our campsite, one of only 47 in the entire campground! Not to mention our beloved Subie got to take its first real camping excursion :)

A Subie full of camping gear- just the way it should be!!!

Our campsite- it had a TON of space! Notice B trying to sneak out of the picture...

Our wonderful little tent- small but cozy! And it kept us dry in the Friday night storms :)

Too bad we had to pack up camp this morning. On the plus side, the Subie doubled as a great tent drying rack.

This was on our hike before heading home today. B wanted to climb to the top of this thing. I told him that I wouldn't rescue him if he fell! He didn't do it in the end... maybe it was my glaring loving pleas.

Hmmmm... a bit ironic? Especially since the trail continued for a bit after this...

Nothing beats a sunny drive with the windows rolled down on Sweet Home Road :)

So, let the debate continue. Do you love camping? Hate it? Never been, but always wanted to try?

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