The never ending question

Ok planner people, I once again need some help. Although this seems to be an issue everyone faces, so I'm not sure quite how well you'll all be able to answer my question. My newest planner problem is over my 2012 inserts. Surprise!

Honestly, I am doing alright with my lame familiar Filofax  Day Per Page inserts. Yeah, the paper quality isn't the greatest, and no, they don't really have any type of format whatsoever. But they work for what I need.

However, next year promises some BIG changes. Between my upcoming promotion and planning my wedding, I'm just not sure if these pages are going to cut it. So, like most of us, I've been flirting with the idea of a whole new layout. So far, I've found these to be the most appealing:

These are the DayTimer 2 Pages Per Day. I like the fact that not only do I have a whole extra page, but also that the weekend days each get their OWN page, something that drives me crazy about FF.

So, true to J fashion, I've written up the pros and cons to both...

Pros for FF Day Per Page:
Cons for FF Day Per Page:
Pros for DT 2 Pages Per Day:
Cons for DT 2 Pages Per Day:
So, what do you think? I've put a poll up top for you to let me know. Or, is there something out there I haven't even thought of? For the record, I am miraculously pretty good at picking one insert and dealing with it for the year, so whatever I pick I'm stuck with!

Thanks for your help!

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