Us days

I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you that life is busy. Between work, to-dos, commuting, grocery shopping, and the rest, time flies by. And I don't even have kids! (Not yet, anyway). I digress. I just mean to say that even though we all know it, life ceases to slow the heck down. We push back time with friends and family to get that needs-to-get-done-today task checked off our to-do lists. And even though we might live with our significant other, we feel that we barely see them except for the hours between 8 p.m. and Midnight. Or at least I do.

Our schedules are crazy. We both have full time jobs, and both have side gigs. Brian's is especially crazy, as he will be shooting at least 20 weddings this summer and fall. Top it off with family obligations and friends' requests for dinner/drinks/etc, and we literally have maybe one or two days a month that are ours alone.

I've reverted to calling these days "Us days." While there are no formal rules, for the most part we find something to do together and disconnect from all of the insanity the outside world so generously offers. While we haven't had many of these days, they really help us come back to just being us. And fortunately, we got to have one on Sunday.

Bri shot a wedding on Friday, and another on Saturday. I really don't know how he does it. But since his family was at the lake house and mine was working, we really didn't have any commitments, so I sprang on this unscheduled day in our life. Last time we ended up going to a little town nearby to wander around, and had lunch at a cute little pub. Since the weather this time was glorious, we headed out to our favorite local state park, a place I've hiked and camped since I was a kid. And Frankie even got to come along!

So we spent the day out on the trails, the dog wandering ahead and phones in the car. It was amazing. Just to completely get away (sorry my Facebook and Twitter friends). As much as I love my social media, it was great to just unwind. The dog ended up pooping out first, so we headed a few towns over to the Dairy Joy, a little drive-in type restaurant that we have gone to forever. Bri and I snacked on fries and shakes, while Frankie got one fry and a bit of vanilla ice cream.

We did end up going to the grocery store later that night, but only because we had to grab a few quick things for a BBQ at a friend's house the next day. But when we got home, I convinced Bri to watch not only one, but TWO Harry Potter movies with me, which he begrudgingly did! I couldn't believe it.

And with that, the day was over. It wasn't anything big, or exceptionally exciting (except the 10 ticks I pulled off the dog and one I pulled of Bri!). But it was a day where it was just us, together. Just the way it should be.

Do you all have your own version of an Us day? If not, how do you unwind or get away from it all?

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