Things i like: my new Rolleicord

I love photography. Maybe it's because I've dated a photographer for nearly a decade. But I'd like to think that I have my own photography skills, however minimal they might be!

As much as the digital camera world has it's benefits, something has always drawn me to film photography. The first camera I can remember having was an old Kodak with 110 film. They looked something like a smaller VHS tape, if we can even remember what those look like. Then I spent a lot of time with different film and digital point and shoots, until I took a black and white film class in high school. I was hooked. 

Maybe even more than photography, I love being in a darkroom. I seriously doubt there is anything more magical than slipping a piece of paper into the developer tray, rocking it back and forth until an image appears. Or more frustrating than when the paper immediately turns jet black, a sure sign of a mistake.

Anyway, I've toyed with different cameras ever since. Ever since a college course I took, I've dreamed of owning a large format model. For those who don't know cameras, think the great big cameras in movies where the photographer has to put a cloth over their head. I quickly gave up on these as they are atrociously expensive. 

For some reason, medium format had never really dawned on me as an option. Until New York, that is. One of B's rules was that we had to visit B&H Photo Video, one of the world's largest camera retailers. And there on a shelf, I saw my first Rolleiflex in person. It was beautiful.

Of course, it was also several thousand dollars. Massively slightly defeated, I turned to that ever- ready reasouce of amazing deals: eBay. And after weeks of watching for the perfect one, I finally won the bid on this:

Ok, well it doens't look so awesome in its case, although you do have to admire the quality of the beautiful leather! Let's try this:

I don't care if you have no interest in cameras- the beauty of this thing must be admitted. Exclaimed. Shouted from the rooftops. Ok, maybe I'm going a bit far...

Not only did I get the camera for a steal, but the seller included the leather case, four filters, a lens hood, and a few other gizmos. A complete steal for a camera in this good of condition. 

Looking through the viewfinder- a view of the herbs growing on my balcony!

Now, I meant to do this post a long time ago, but since time got away from me, you all get an extra bonus! I picked up my first ever roll of film shot on my Rollei this afternoon, and here are some results:

Baby ducks with mom at the pond. The Rollei shoots 120 film, so the photos actually come out square. 

Chicago. I took this one out the window of an apartment I'm doing some side work at. Not the best Chicago view, but I was having fun playing around.

And finally, B. He was all dressed up to go shoot a wedding. As the professional photographer in our relationship, he gets to spend a lot more time with cameras than I do!

So that's my new TIL! Be warned, there will be many more pics to come. I'm trying to work out some sort of regular post with how the my world is seen through the Rollei, but I haven't quite got it down yet. 

Do any of you collect and or use vintage cameras?

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