Joining the club

I am officially a Malden owner! Haha, I was going to think of some eloquent way to start this post, but how could I when this was sitting outside my door when I came home from work?

I really can't believe I managed to still be a good dog-mom, walking Frankie for about half hour before I came home to dig into this beautiful package!

Finally, I have witnessed the gorgeous packaging that "proper" Filos arrive in. How pretty is this box? I am already thinking of things to use it for so I don't have to throw it away!

Now, I was a bit disappointed that Pens & Leather opened the box to put the PPD inserts in with the Filo- it kinda ruined my first-peek-at-the-Malden moment. But I have used my creative license to skip the part with me removing the inserts to go straight to this beauty:

I really wish I could get the color right- the Crimson is simply stunning. Bri (being the professional photographer that he is) will try and help me get more true to color photos tomorrow, but even he warned that since each computer monitor is different, the color still might not show true. Stupid technology. I think everyone should just buy one, then we'd all know!

I seriously can't stop looking/touching/smelling this thing. I am trying to get it all out of my system before Monday so I don't look like an idiot at work, but I doubt that will happen! Poor Bri- I made him smell it at least six times... the leather is delicious! Sorry to any vegetarian/vegans out there, you just can't deny it!

Quick inside shot- I love all of the pockets! I was a little upset that the store left the zip pocket half unzipped, bending the zipper a bit, but I got over it pretty quick. Of course, all of these inserts will be moved/removed as I bought the PPD and a few other tidbits in the days leading up to Malden's delivery.

And a final shot of the leather stamp- so much better than the false suede tag in my Domino. In case you can't see, it says "Filofax Malden Personal Organizer" followed by "Antiqued Leather." That's right- I have a real leather Filo! I can't wait to see it in 20 years, all broken in and well loved. Maybe it's just me. But I can guarantee that I'll enjoy it for each day of all those years!

Well, I know this isn't much, but it's been a busy day and I wanted to at least get something up as I know I have a lot of people waiting! I'm hoping to be able to get the majority of it set up tomorrow, along with crocheting a new pen pouch for my bag.

Stay tuned for more Malden details!

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