When is enough, enough?

It's no secret I am hunting for a new job. Hunting being the operative word. While I have yet to find my dream job, I am learning a lot in the process.

One thing I need to learn, or maybe just decide, is when to stop pursuing a job. While some companies supply an e-mail if I am not selected, others don't. Herein lies the difficulties.

Of course, my dream company does not supply such letters. Instead, they clearly state that they will be unable to contact each and every candidate regarding their status. Fair enough, they are busy and I respect that.

At the same time, this is not good enough for me, so I set out to prove my determination. I applied for the first position with the company on March 5. After waiting a week and a half for some sort of notification, I emailed the head of human resources (whose name I had found on LinkedIn) and merely stated that I am very interested in this position, and would love a chance at an interview. She responded the next day that I was lacking in some critical requirements for the job (which were not listed in the job description) but that she would forward my inquiry to the Manager of Talent Acquisition.

Not trusting that this manager would ever be in touch, I applied for a few other positions with the company that I feel my background would be well paired with. The latest application was sent on April 4. Still no word from Mr. Talent Acquisition.

So, I sent another very polite email to the HR director immediately saying that while I didn't want to take more of her time, I really would love to work with their company and would appreciate knowing if I am a fit so I can either interview, or move my search to less desirable companies. I sent this email the afternoon of April 11. I have yet to hear back.

Here is what I am wondering: how far is too far? Have I already pushed it with this company, I mean, should I just walk away? Or should I sit tight, and keep waiting for a response? If I should wait, how long to I wait before I look for something else? I have already found two positions with another company that I would be interested in, but I don't want to pursue those and have my dream company call the next day and ask me to come in for an interview.

I know there are some of you out there who have gone, or are going through, what I am now. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I am open to them all...