Things i like: ganache filled, goat cheese frosted, chocolate cupcakes!

I spent Sunday, my first day off in over two weeks, baking. Why? Well, if you ask my little sister, it's because I am crazy. But if you ask me, it is because baking is one of my favorite things to do. Believe it or not, I find it extremely relaxing. And what could be more satisfying than a cupcake or cookie right from the oven?

Much to Bri's dismay, I wanted to try something outside of my well loved mega chocolate chip cookies. So after browsing and combining a few recipes, here is what I came up with:


Are you ready for this? These are chocolate cupcakes, with dark chocolate ganache (inside) and a goat cheese frosting. Goat cheese frosting? Yep, that is what I thought, but these are DELICIOUS! So delicious that I still have a bit of leftover frosting in the fridge for a treat!

Anyway, these came out so tasty that I thought I'd share the recipe with you all- have fun!

For the record, this time around I used a store-bought devils food cake mix. I would have done homemade, but I also had to marinate chicken, make fish tacos and prepare homemade salsa that afternoon!

While the cupcakes are baking, prepare the frosting:

- 5 oz goat cheese (softened)
- 3 oz cream cheese (softened)
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
- 3 cups powdered sugar

Beat the goat cheese, cream cheese and vanilla on medium speed until blended. Slowly add the powdered sugar, one cup at a time, on low speed. Mix until creamy and you are done! Cover and refrigerate until needed.

When the cupcakes are out of the oven, remove from pans and let rest for at least 20 minutes while preparing ganache:

- 1/3 cup semi sweet or dark chocolate chips
- 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
- 3/4 cup powdered sugar

Add the chips and whipping cream to a double boiler (or you can microwave, but I don't own one!) and stir while chocolate melts. Remove from heat and add the powdered sugar, stirring until combined and glossy.

Place the ganache into a cookie press with cake decorating tip or a small squirt bottle. Insert tip into the middle of the cupcake, and squeeze just until some ganache starts to surface. This takes practice- I had more than one cupcake oozing mass quantities of chocolatey goodness!

Once cupcakes are filled, let ganache set for 20 minutes before frosting. Frost any way you want; I went for the pastry bag then smooth method. Make them as perfect or as rustic as you like!

Remember, these must be stored in the FRIDGE! Goat cheese + room temperature = no fun!

Have fun with these, play with the recipe, and let me know how they turned out! Do any of you have a favorite cupcake to bake or eat? Share in the comments...

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