Filo finds

Eeek, it has been WAY to long since I've posted. Work has been especially crazy; we just had our largest fundraiser yesterday and as you can image planning for it consumed most of my time for the last few weeks. This weekend was completely consumed with work between planning for the event and running errands for the event.

However, likely to no one's surprise, I managed to sneak into a store that carried Filofaxes on Saturday afternoon!

I was up in a northern Chicago suburb dropping off one of our event honorees when I realized I remembered seeing on the Filofax website that a store in the area had a "gold account" standing. Now, the last gold account store I went to wasn't very impressive, and the "bronze account" store that I had visited had nothing more than a few weekly inserts and lavender paper. Not too promising.

So I called in advance to be sure that this place really did carry the beloved Filo. The saleslady confirmed their presence, so I headed over. I was surprised to find a decent collection of personals, pockets, and minis. No A5 Filos on the shelves, but I wasn't really interested in any of them anyway. Here are a few bits of insight I gained from this visit:

Overall, this little Saturday break was just what I needed-- even if I didn't make a purchase. Who knows, maybe I'll wander back in one day when the manager isn't so busy and test my negotiating skills. Looks like the hunt is still on for a Malden sighting unless I miraculously find my way to London in the near future!