Square one

Well, I found out today that not only did I not get a call back on one of the jobs I have applications in at, but that I am apparently unqualified for BOTH jobs. Lame.

I would try and sound a bit more disappointed about this, but unfortunately I am getting a bit used to this whole build up/ let down thing.

And besides that, I may have found my dream job online today! I am not going to get too excited; I'm not even going to tell you all what it is until at least after I apply. Because it is quite the change in directions I have to dig up a few more references before I can submit my resume, so it might be a few days before I e-mail the application.

I will tell you that it would definitely get me out of the office rut I am in. That is a big thing I realized at work today-- it's not so much that I hate my job, it's that I am really not cut out for office work. Between waitressing, reporting, and being a veterinary nurse, I really have never been trapped in an office. For eight hours a day. And that is wearing on me, hard.

So, let's hope I change the cliche. Fourth time can be a charm, right?