I didn't even realize how long it has been since I've posted in the insanity of the last few weeks.

It all really started last Monday, when I took the day off work to take my sister to court. After sitting there for an hour only to realize her case was postponed another month, I brought her back to our step dad's. Feeling courteous, I decided to stop in and say hi. We chat for awhile, then I see his face go blank as he starts to slide down to the floor. Now, this is a guy with a history of unexplained seizures. Seizures that have caused him to fight people and break the ribs of a 300+ pound fireman.

Thankfully, I got him into a chair, and he immediately came to. At this point I realized it wasn't a seizure, but definitely something to warrant a trip to the ER. So off we went.

Five or six hours later we were released- the doctors supposed that between the cold he was fighting and trying to clean the entire house, his blood pressure had dropped just low enough to cause him to nearly pass out. A follow up with his doctor a few days later confirmed the diagnosis, proving that he is otherwise completely healthy. Thank God.

Fast forward a week. Bri and I went down to his lake house this weekend with his parents. It's about three and a half hours south of where we live. We decided to take my (piece of crap) car since it costs less than half of what gas costs for his truck. Bad choice.

The stupid thing made it all the way to the lake, and since we didn't drive while we were down there we didn't even think about it. Starting the drive back on Sunday, Bri mentioned that it was a bit difficult to steer, but we kept going. About half hour into the drive, the car dies. Literally battery dead, coasting to the shoulder of the road, dead.

Fortunately, Bri's parents hadn't left yet, and were able to stop at Walmart to get us a new battery. After finally getting the damn thing in, we started the car and took off again. For about an hour. And it happened again. Cruise control on 70- car completely off. Another trip to the side of the road.

This time we gave up. We called a tow, got everything out of my car, and clambered into his parents car for the trip home. I have to admit, as much as that car sucks, it was a bit sad to leave it on the side of the road as we drove off.

Bri and I have been looking for a new car anyway, as we knew mine was on its way out. We were even hoping to sign on something this week. We just hoped that we wouldn't feel forced into something, as we both have, now had, cars that worked. Not so much anymore.

Now my car is at some dealer an hour and a half away; I have no idea when we will be able to go get it. Not that we are going to get any money from it, but I at least want my plates. I took the train into work today, and am taking an early train back out so we can test drive, and hopefully buy, a car we have been looking at for awhile now. Hopefully we can get a good deal, or else we are waiting. Plus it is one of two manual transmissions in the entire area for this make and model- are we the only friggen people that don't want an automatic???

Anyway, not that it's an excuse, but there are the reasons I have been less than diligent in posting lately. Don't you just love when life gets in the way of one of the things you love to do?

Oh, and a job update: no word on the dream job yet- still have my fingers crossed. That, and I am using some strategically placed people to try and put in a good word. We shall see... some good news this week would be welcomed!

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