Car woes

I swear, this week I have felt like Eeyore with the damn rain cloud following me everywhere I go. Maybe a bit dramatic, but also kinda true.

Let's see, where did I leave off. Yes, my car died and we were going to head to the dealer after work Monday. Bri ended up having to work late, so we went Tuesday afternoon. No big deal. We got to the dealership and asked about the car. Turns out they traded it the night before. Welcome to my life.

After a bit of digging, the dealer found another car that was at a dealer less than an hour away. It had everything we wanted down to the color. We ended up talking them down to an incredible price and wrote a check for the deposit. The dealer said that we should have the car by Friday, Saturday at the latest. In our excitement we offered to drive up and get it ourselves so the dealer didn't have to transfer it; I guess that isn't allowed due to "paperwork and procedure." Whatever, we would wait. A few days is nothing.

I think Bri is even more excited about this car than me. I know he is. He's also impatient when he wants something. So he called the dealer yesterday to check up on where the car was. And it was here that our excitement bubble was burst.

After we made the deal, our dealer called the other dealer multiple times to let them know about the purchase and impending transfer. To no avail. When the other dealer finally called back, it was to say that they had already sold the car. Our car. See the rain cloud yet?

So, we are back to square one. Bri talked to a few dealers last night, they all pretty much confirmed the lack of manual transmission Foresters anywhere in the area. At this point, we have to change what car we want, or order exactly what we want and face waiting eight weeks. The waiting wasn't at all a problem when my car was working, in fact that was our plan. But now that I don't have a car, life is really hard. It was easier when I lived in the city- I could bike everywhere and where I couldn't bike, I could walk. The suburb we live in is very bike unfriendly. I hate biking on sidewalks, but cars out here have no idea how to treat bikers on the road. It really is a shame... I miss my bike.

Anyway, Bri e-mailed me on my walk to work this morning. He found a manual transmission Forester at a dealer in Madison, WI, about three hours away. The interior is the color we dislike, but at least the exterior is a nice, dark grey. Of course we are going to call the dealer to make sure they have the car; I'd be pretty pissed if we drove six hours round trip and didn't get a car out of it. But if they have it, and can somehow secure a purchase, it looks like we might be taking a small road trip this weekend. Mind you, this will be the third time my plans have changed. But hey, what would life be if not crazy?!

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