Two is better than one

I sent in another application today! This one is to a completely different company- it is for a public affairs position at an area hospital. Totally different, but something I'd really love to do with my life.

My biggest concern is that they will look at my age and determine that I am not qualified enough. I really hope this isn't the case. While I know I am young, I am also extremely determined and operate best in high pressure situations. Hopefully I can at least get to an interview to make that known.

Having two applications out there is making me feel a bit better. I did really well not thinking about the first one for a few days after I submitted it, but now I have succumbed to constantly checking my status online and wondering when and if I will get a call.

I am finding comfort in having multiple applications out there- the more out there my better chances of a call back, right? I don't know if this is entirely true, but I feel more confident in knowing that I am not applying for one job, waiting to see what happens, then applying for another. Hopefully it will give me the result I am looking for and will get me out of my current job faster.

While I will still definitely look for other opportunities, I might slow it down a bit. Both of the applications I have out are for jobs I'd really love to have. I don't really want to spend my time applying for mediocre jobs until I hear back on these two. If I am not selected for either of these positions (hopefully this is not the case) then I will go back to some openings that are not ideal, but that would work.

Like I have discussed with Bri- I will not move down. Only lateral or upward moves for this girl.

Watch, now it would be just my luck that I'd be offered both positions and be forced to choose between the two, which would be nearly impossible. Both are in my field. One is a much closer commute, which could be the tie-breaker. But the other is with a hugely up and coming company that could offer tremendous potential.

Wow, I need to stop getting ahead of myself. One of the things I am really working on this year is balancing being positive and negative, as I tend to focus on one or the other. I'll have days where I feel like I will definitely get the job, and others where I feel there is no chance in hell.

So here's to the balanced view. I will either get one of these jobs, or both, or I won't get either. If I get one job, wonderful. If I am offered both, then I will use my severe list-making dependency to pro and con my way to the best choice.

And if I don't get either?

Well, I'll probably complain and bitch a bit, then keep on looking.