The pillow thief

Bri and I have lived together for almost two months now. Bri, formerly known as B- he saw that I called him B on the blog and thought it was stupid. Anyway, that is neither here nor there, it's the same guy.

Anyway, Feb. 9 will mark two months of living together. Of sharing bills, of eating dinner every night together, of fighting for covers against each other.

So, imagine my surprise one morning when I asked if he remembered blatantly stealing my pillow the night before and he responded, "Haha, yeah, I kinda forgot you were in the bed."

What? I mean, really? The bed that I have been in every night for the last two months?

Bri is notorious for stealing covers. It is accidental, but when you are warm and snuggly at night it sucks nonetheless. He has even gotten so used to stealing the covers that he remembers to put them back over me in his sleep.

But two nights ago, his thievery escalated. I always sleep on my right side, facing away from him (a shoulder injury from childhood never quite healed right and causes radiating pain if I sleep on my left). Anyway, I am sound asleep at four in the morning, when suddenly the body pillow we share is literally being pulled from under my head.

Confused as all hell and thinking there has to be some explanation, I roll over to see Bri sound asleep, snuggling MY end of the body pillow, all the while with a completely content look on his face. I couldn't believe it!

I laid there for a minute, trying to decide what to do. I sometimes sleep pillowless anyway, so I thought about just leaving it alone and going back to bed. I then realized that meant Bri would win. And I don't back down from a competition, even with a sleeping person.

So, I grabbed the corner of the pillow and yanked it. Hard. Of course what happens next? He startles awake, glares at me, and rolls over. Not too much of a victory, but at least I got my pillow back.

I just still can't believe his excuse was that he forgot I was there. Don't get me wrong, I am not at all mad. I guess it's kinda hard to tell from just words on a blog, but I am far from mad. In fact, it has been quite the laughing point ever since. I guess that's what the pillow thievery has taught me- just when you think you are comfortable, life comes and pulls the pillow from under your head.