Filofax revisited

I know that I have posted on my Filofax before. But for one, there is no such thing as too many Filofax posts and two, after my first post I had some requests for more details on how I have my Filo set up. So I decided to spoil my Filofax-loving readers with a glimpse into my personal Domino.

My inside front cover has miscellaneous cards: my drivers license, credit and debit cards and parking pass. The lower pocket has a few jot pads, a train pass and schedule. The full length pocket is a catch all for random papers, usually receipts and scraps that will later be filed elsewhere.

The first page of my Filo is a top opening envelope that contains a mini collage I created with a favorite quote and a few photos. Since I use my Domino for work and personal lives, it is nice to see something happy and friendly every time I open it up!

The back of that envelope keeps random mementos- right now some photos from a friends wedding and an especially good fortune.These may change as I find new things to keep in here.

Next comes a zip envelope that acts as my portable office. I keep stamps and paperclips in here, as I find a lot of things to clip onto my weekly pages. This envelope is followed by some standard Filofax reference pages- holidays, etc.

The first official "section" is my diary and to do. The first page here is my 2011 year planner- I have to have a full year view. I have started to use a code system since the squares are so small, i.e. E equals event, SL equals student loan payment, R equals rent, etc. I also block off weekends or days I know that I am busy/out of town so I know right away whether or not I am free on certain days in advance.

After this are my birthday and anniversary sheets. I love that they aren't dated, so I can easily transfer them next year. It's also nice to be able to quickly reference when I have a card to send out, saving me the time and effort of flipping through the entire weekly diary.

Next comes my week on two pages diary. These of course are littered with post-its, stickers and jot pad sheets, usually for grocery lists. While I usually keep the to do sheets at the back of the diary, I will add them mid week if I have a particularly large number of tasks that week. Otherwise, I will just add small tasks to the daily space. On a side note, I am thinking of going with cotton cream next year- the Web site makes it seem like the weekend spaces are bigger. Although depending on what type of job I have next year, I may also need to upgrade to day per page, so who knows?

The next section is lists. Everything from packing lists, wish lists, books to read, movies to see lands here. For my friend's wedding I was even able to print my hotel confirmation and hole punch it so that I could keep it right next to my packing list. What digital device can do that?

My musings come next. This section is a work in progress and currently contains New Year's resolutions and blog post ideas. I use my Moleskines to journal but since I keep them at home, I sometimes add an idea or two if they strike me while I'm out.

One of my favorite sections comes next- recipes! I don't keep all of them in here, only ones I make frequently enough that I might need an ingredient list when I stop at the store on the way home. While some are handwritten, the recipe pages on Philofaxy are awesome and easy to use as well. A lot of my new recipes are on these cards- I've even had a friend comment on how great they look.

Of course where there is good, there is bad. Following my recipes is my work notes. Maybe once I find a new job my feelings on this section will improve. Right now it contains long term projects and event details/room set ups.

My last official section is Everything Else. Right now it is only home to my work out log. Failed work out log, unfortunately. Hopefully I will find more to add to this space soon before it starts to gather dust. My address section follows this section.

Toward the back I have a world map and a second top opening envelope that keeps coupons and a few blank bank deposit slips. I carefully unfold the map every once in a while, dreaming of all the places I would like to go someday...

Next comes my Filofax stickers, followed by a card holder where I keep my insurance information and blood donor card. Behind that is my Filofax post its page, one of my favorite accessories.

Finally, the rear full length pocket acts as another catch all, although it doesn't get used nearly as much as the front. My Sharpie pen stays in the pen loop, since my Lamy Safari stays in the rings when not in use.

Well, this may be a bit overdue and a bit long winded, but I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my Filo. Of course, I am sure it will change over time; it already has in so many ways since November. That's the joy of Filofax, it is completely customizable for your every need, no matter how often or drastically they change.

Happy Filofaxing!