Things i like: the Lamy Safari

I am a writer at heart. While my current career has minimal writing involved, I am, and always will be, a writer.

However, I have been a bit defeated when it comes to writing these days. I think a major factor is that I am no longer required to write daily. E-mails and memos? Yes. But stories, hard news and human interest pieces? Nope. Not a one.

Enter the Lamy Safari. As much as I write digitally, this blog included, there is just something so fascinating and savory about a pen scratching on paper. After hours of research, I decided to purchase the Lamy as a way to get myself back into writing. And I am so glad I did.

 Lamy Safari in red.

Needless to say, I get more than a few odd looks when I pull out my fountain pen at meetings. Especially since every time I pull it out I also take out my Filofax. It never ceases to crack me up when I enter a meeting with people two to three times my age, all using smartphones, and I as the (almost) 24-year-old whip out my fountain pen and paper planner. I just can't get away from the secure feeling of a pen on paper.

Anyway, I digress. I've had the Lamy for over a month now, and I couldn't imagine life without it. Here are a few of the pros & cons I have found so far:

* For the record, I have the Lamy Safari in red, with a medium, black steel nib. I am in no way affiliated with Lamy, this is merely my own take after using the pen for over a month.


Durable. The plastic is very strong and can be abused quite a bit.

Stylish- at least to me. I love its modern, unusual look. The red plastic with contrasting clip and nib make me happy, as does the fact that the clip is perfect to keep the Lamy in the rings of my Filofax!

Close up of the Lamy Safari clip- Amazing!

Where my Lamy stays whenever I am not writing with it! Borrowed from another Filofax user- genius!

Functional. Absolutely amazing! Both inks I have tried (Private Reserve Black Cherry & Lamy Violet) have worked wonderfully. The nib is just a bit wide for my taste; I have both fine and italic nibs on the way. I have used a wide variety of paper as well and have experienced non-existant to minimal feathering, even on cheap paper. It works problem free on my Filofax week on two pages insert- yay!

The Safari shows no bleed through or feathering on my Wo2P Filofax insert- yay!

Ink window. The ink window is another great feature-- it's nice to know when ink is running low. Although I have found from my experience that even when the window appears empty, I have several days worth of ink left in the pen (and I write a lot). 

The Lamy's ink window has appeared this empty for days- and I am still writing!
Handwriting. Call me crazy, but I feel like my handwriting has actually improved with this pen. Maybe not necessarily improved, but it has become much more consistent. I think it is a combination between the pen grip teaching me to write properly and the fact that I just love writing with this pen so much!


I want to say that there aren't any, but I feel that all good reviews have to point out some flaws, even if they are of personal preference. So here goes:

Inky fingers. Not a fan! I occasionally notice a bit of ink on my middle finger from the pen-- although I think this is more from incorrect positioning than from the pen itself. I have noticed that this problem has been less frequent the more I use the pen. Of course, I also get inky fingers when I am refilling the pen, but since I am to lazy to be careful and too cheap to buy gloves I feel that this is to be expected.

Addictive! At around $30, this pen is a really great way to get into the world of fountain pens. Although it is also the only one I have written with for any length of time, I can definitely say I am in no hurry to try anything else. And think of all the colors! Though I have only tried two, I have a lengthy running list of inks I want to try. Between cartridges and the infinite number of bottled inks that can be used with the foolproof converter, the possibilities are endless.

The bottom line? I love this pen! I seriously doubt I will ever get bored with the number of inks and nibs that I have yet to try. And because this pen is so darned sturdy, I am sure it will be around for the long run.

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