Honey, meat the neighbors!

After living in three apartments, I thought nothing could phase me. Between the unusual smells and unmentionable sounds, I thought I had seen, smelled and heard it all. I guess this just goes to show that right when you think there is nothing that can phase you, karma sends cruel little reminders of just how wrong you are.

Last Sunday started out just like any other day. I slept in a bit, then got up to go workout. To this point, everything was completely normal... or at least as normal as my life ever is. I got down to the apartment gym, but cut my workout short because the Bears were about to come on (yay Chicago). It was a frigid day, so I had my head down most of the walk back. It wasn't until I nearly reached my building's door that I finally looked up. And saw it.

Our neighbors, or more precisely the people directly below us, had a rope strung about five feet off the ground all the way across their patio. Hanging from this rope were about 10 to 12 smaller ropes. And hanging from these ropes? Giant chunks of frozen meat. I say chunks because, well, there is really no other way to describe what they were. They definitely weren't steaks, nor were they any kind of roast I have ever seen.

Now, for the record, I am in no way offended by or bothered by meat. I am a self-proclaimed carnivore and will eat any steak or burger that crosses my path. However, seeing a row of raw, frozen meat hanging from the patio below yours is just a little weird. Not to mention creepy.

I mean, who knows? What if my new neighbors happen to be ax-murderers, hanging their fresh kill? Or maybe they crave dogs... should I watch out for Frankie? OK, maybe I have seen one to many slasher films, but still.

Although I was initially (and still am) a bit freaked out, I shrugged the situation off. I mean, it was a Sunday night, and they did seem to have a few people over. Most of the people I know use a freezer or a cooler but hey, whatever floats your boat.

But it came back! When I was out walking Frankie yesterday morning, there it all was, hanging in the wind. I was in shock and told B when he got home. Only then did I find out that he had seen a bunch hanging out the day before! I mean really?

In the end, I really don't know what is going on with my meat-loving neighbors. I am torn between saying something to management and just leaving them alone with their meat fetish. I thought about taking a picture when I saw it yesterday, but thought that might be a bit rude if someone saw me. I will try and sneak a pic one of these days, as I am sure it will be back.

Or maybe I will buy them a cooler and leave it at their door with a big bow-- I wonder if they would get the hint...