New year, new blog

As the year comes to an end, I have been working on New Year's resolutions. One at the top of my list is continuing to blog as often as possible. I think I have been doing pretty well, but I am starting to feel a bit restricted by the blog title and URL.

So, starting this week the blog will undergo some changes!

Since B and I are no longer looking for a house, I feel like jbhousehunt just isn't cutting it. Plus, there is so much more I could focus on if this wasn't just a house blog. So, starting sometime tomorrow the blog title will change from The Young and the Bankrupt to The Crazy Life of J.

This way, I can post a greater variety of things going on in my life while still including what is happening at the apartment, so on and so forth. I already have a bunch of ideas now that the blog will be a little more, er, me focused. I feel a bit egotistical writing this, but it is my blog after all.

In addition to the name change, I will also be changing the design of the blog a bit. I am quite bored with it, and feel that a bit of redesign will keep me excited about writing. Nothing major, just a few colors here and patterns there.

Finally, early Wednesday, I will officially change over the blog URL to access the blog itself. I will no longer be found at The new URL will be changed to

Because I am just changing the URL, all my older posts will still be found here-- visitors will just no longer be able to find my blog at the old address.

I am not sure what other changes are in store, but it won't be anything major. Hopefully all changes will be complete by the end of the week.

Even though the blog will no longer officially be about our home, I promise to keep posting updates-- including the pictures I've been promising!