The longest three days

It's amazing. It somehow feels like the week we are waiting to move into our apartment has lasted longer than the months we waited to move into a house. And we still have three days to go.

At this point we are being spoiled. With our history, three days is nothing. But seeing "Move in day" scribbled in my planner every time I open it is making me antsy and excited. Even though Thursday's move in will only consist of moving a bed, some clothes, and a few computers, we are both counting down the minutes.

We are trying to get some stuff done in the next few days to prepare for our move. While I wanted to go shopping for a few new things for the apartment, Brian insisted that we wait until we move in and see what we actually need. Apparently he doesn't trust the list I made of things I already know we need. Oh well, no shopping for me.

Instead of finding new home buys I set up a few more important things this morning, namely gas and electric. It was a fairly simple process, other than the gas company trying to sell me a million services I said I didn't need. Now all we have to do is set up our cable and Internet. I am leaving that to Brian-- he has more technological needs than I do. As long as I have Food Network and the Discovery Channel, I am set.

Despite Brian's ban on apartment shopping, I am stopping at Target after work tonight, but NOT for apartment stuff. At least technically. I know Brian is going to laugh at me for this, but I want to pick up Christmas cards to send out from us this year. Not that he will sign a single one, but still. It is our first Christmas together and I am a sentimental dork. But cards serve a practical reason as well: everyone needs our new address anyway, right?

So I am technically not breaking the "no apartment shopping" rule, unless you count the bottle of champagne that might accidentally sneak into my basket. But I'd consider that celebratory shopping... or any other kind of shopping that makes champagne an acceptable purchase.

Anyway, now I am just rambling about my love of Target and bubbly drinks. I should start thinking of other ways to occupy the next few days so I am not only thinking about the move. I have a board meeting for work tomorrow night, so that will keep me busy. Wednesday will be especially hard-- maybe I will bury myself in boxes and get everything ready to go.

Three days and counting!