Find it yet?

We are still waiting to hear back from the appraiser. Our Realtor e-mailed last night and said they were meeting out there this morning-- hopefully this time he can find the crawlspace entrance.

The other big issue we need to have included in the report is the plumbing (outside of the giant leak). We don't want the PVC plumbing as it is against code in Lombard, but we seriously doubt the seller will repair the plumbing if it isn't listed as required in the FHA appraiser's report. Even if it is listed the bank might still ignore it.

Our attorney e-mailed again today letting us know that the seller had resent the extension. This time he included an extension on our financing (maybe that should have been included on the first time around... I mean really?).

Anyway, our attorney recommended we sign immediately, especially because it extends our financing. If it isn't signed, the seller can walk out on the deal at any time. He explained that all signing does is continue the deal-- we can still bail if the seller refuses to fix anything in the FHA report.

The document has already been signed and faxed. Now we are just waiting... again. Hopefully we hear back from Anthony today on whether the appraiser made it to the house, found the crawlspace and can now provide a proper report.

Ideally we would get the revised report and the seller's repairs by the end of this week, early next week at the absolute latest. That way we know if we are sticking with this property or if we are back to looking. At this point I just hope we are somewhere, anywhere, by Christmas.