Water woes

Well, the dreaded home inspection is over... kind of.

The inspection went about as well as it could at first, our inspector George said that most of what he was seeing was typical for a house built in the 50s. Like the octagon windows that I found so charming... turns out the exterior trim is rotting. No big deal, it is a fairly easy fix. Or the chimney that has been repaired time and time again by Henry Homeowner. It looks like it is about time to pull a professional in for a good repair.

Other aspects looked great. The furnace was installed brand new in 2007 and works like a charm. Even the air conditioner, which looks like it was installed in the 40s, cranked out cold air. It was looking like a lot of little things that Brian and I (with the help of our families) should have no problem fixing.

Then we got to the plumbing inspection. We had been going back and forth with the Village and the water company for a few days to make sure the water would be turned on, since the house was winterized on Oct. 21. The company assured us that the water was on. So we get to the house, turn on the faucet... nothing.

Anthony (our Realtor) went back and turned the water on at the meter in our laundry room. Then we saw water galore. Turns out the meter is cracked, so the second it is turned on, water starts spewing everywhere. Oh joy.

In the end, we couldn't get the plumbing inspected yesterday. The water company is coming out on Tuesday to replace the meter, after which the water can be fully restored. We are going to have George come back out on Wednesday, just to make sure the plumbing system is intact and that the only cracks were to the water meter itself. It would be horrible to just assume all is well and wake up once we moved in to water dripping on our heads. We just figure we would rather spend a little money on an extra inspection now than a lot of money repairing a plumbing disaster later.

All in all the inspection went fairly well-- we aren't running away screaming at this point. For now we will just wait for the new meter to be installed so that we can be sure that our home does not come with a free indoor water park.

On a completely different note, we finally figured out how to pronounce our street name. Turns out we were completely pronouncing it wrong. It is not La Londe (La Lawn-duh) but instead it is pronounced (La Lawn-day). Very French. Again, totally random, but I suppose it is important to know how to pronounce the street you live on. Unless we turn on the water and our house floats away, that is.