A place to sleep

I started realizing the other day that the longer we wait to move into whatever house we end up in, the longer I am sleeping on a futon in my childhood bedroom.

As much as I like reminiscing, my back isn't too fond of a long term futon stay. I can't believe it took me this long, but I realized this week that we have a spare room at the house that no one is using. A spare room complete with a full size bed.

I got to work from home today and got my work done pretty early. In between writing thank you notes to contributors and creating databases, I have been washing sheets, blankets and pillowcases while I try and get the room a little more livable.

I don't plan on unpacking all of my things-- there just isn't a point if I am only here for another month or so. But I think part of the reason I have been so stressed lately is because I feel like I am living at a hotel. Plus, since Chicago has decided to plunge into winter weather, I think it is time I unpack my cold weather clothes, hats and scarves.

Hopefully by settling in a little I will be more comfortable while we find a place to permanently move our stuff. Then I get the joy of the big settling in. Wish me luck.