Game on

It was a pretty quiet week until I got a call on Saturday-- we have water! Anthony called to tell us the water was on, and the appraiser had been out to the house. Turns out, with water comes leaks. Fortunately it seems like a small leak, and according to Anthony the selling bank is covering the cost of the repair.

Even so, we are having our inspector back out to the house tomorrow evening to make sure the rest of the plumbing is sound. We are also meeting with our loan officer tomorrow night just to be sure we don't have any more questions or concerns before we are at the closing table.

We also need to have as much prepared before Brian and I are both out of town starting this Friday, especially considering we close five days after we return. With limited access to our documents when we are out of state, we want to be sure we have as much under control as we can.

Everything is still up in the air at this point-- I am trying to stay calm. I just really hope the house only has that one leak, and that the bank has everything under control for closing. Hopefully by tomorrow night we have a better understanding of where we go from here.