Falling apart

It never ends. I am almost not in the mood to post, but I figure if I get some of this out, I might feel better.

The day started with a call from Anthony-- the selling bank pushed back our closing date until November 29 (or earlier). Mind you, this is the same bank that did not want our original loan because it "takes too long."

Unfortunately, traffic caused me to miss the inspection. Or maybe not unfortunately. Brian made it to the plumbing inspection, i.e. Niagra Falls. When Brian and the inspector turned the water on and went to the crawlspace, they immediately saw the gushing water from a section of pipe. Seriously? On top of that, the entire house is wired in Romex, which is against code in Lombard.

At this point, we seem to have a few options:

1. Walk away. We can completely leave the deal, and go back to looking.

2. We can try and leverage with the bank. Our plan is to call the village in the morning, and get a list of all the code violations in the house, plus whether or not there is a certificate of occupancy. We are then hoping to take those documents, plus today's inspection report, and go back to the selling bank and try and get them to allow the 203K loan back.

We met with Mary Ann tonight, and she said that since the selling bank pushed back the closing date, we would have no problem switching back to the 203K loan.

I don't even know what to say at this point. We are going to go with option two and see how far we can push the bank. But if there is no budging on their part, we might be back to square one, and house number 32.

We hope that we don't have to look at house 32, but just in case, we are off to look at more listings. Is it over yet?