Exhausted. Frustrated. Confused. Choose your descriptive term, and we are it. Let's start from the beginning.

Our bank is about ten seconds from driving Brian and I up a wall. It seems that every week they need more documents. Most recently, it was complete documentation and verification of every deposit over $100. EVERY deposit. Because I get reimbursed for purchases at work and Brian does a lot of freelance, this was not an easy task. Once we finally found all of our documents, the bank still had questions. It seems like they have everything they need at this point-- at least until the underwriter looks at our file.

We are hoping to have an appointment with our bank sometime soon so that we can clarify any and all questions we have before we go to closing, especially since Brian and I are both out of town at the end of next week. Ugh.

This insanity doesn't come close to what we are facing with the seller's bank. Reminder, this is the bank that did not want the 203K loan because it took too long. Well, guess who hasn't been able to get in for a second inspection because the water is still off and the house is still winterized?

According to our Realtor, the water company was in early Tuesday to replace the broken water meter. However, they claim that the selling bank is responsible for turning the water on and de-winterizing the house. Anthony called and emailed yesterday to no avail. We knew by last night that the inspection wasn't going to happen today, but we were still hoping to get it done Thursday evening. Wishful thinking.

We still didn't hear back from the selling bank by end of day today. Our new attorney chimed in with his own email this afternoon, asking when we can expect to hear back. Not only are we waiting to get back in for inspection, but we are waiting for dates to be able to fire the official extension paperwork, since the inspection was supposed to be completed by early this week. Is this the same bank that didn't want a loan that takes too long? At this point all we are doing is waiting for them.

There is also no way we are going to get the house inspected tomorrow. Even if the house was magically de-winterized and water was restored, Brian has a late assignment. So, it looks like we won't be able to inspect until next week. Brian and I both fly out on Friday morning, so we don't have much time. Then once we get back we will only have five days until closing, unless that gets pushed back as well. Hopefully not.

We are trying to stay optimistic, but it is getting harder and harder to do. We knew going in that buying a house is not simple, especially when buying an older home with an unconventional mortgage. But this just seems to be getting rediculous. I just can't wait to be posting about home renovations and not home loans and banks.