Couch bandits

Now that Brian and I are soon-to-be home owners of our very own 1,500 square feet we have come to realize that unless we want to use milk crates as furniture, we need to figure out how to furnish our (sort of) brand new space.

Up until this weekend, our plan was to go college-style and use the futons that we both already have-- mismatched and all. That is until I got a text from my friend Whitney.

Turns out, Whitney's parents had just bought new living room furniture and no longer had room for their antique sofa. Even better, they didn't want a penny for it-- just for us to get it off their hands. The couch is definitely vintage... picture something you would find in your grandma's house. Brian definitely isn't a big fan of it; he is afraid that between the burgandy/red couch and the existing green walls, our house will sing Christmas tunes year round. I on the other hand like the couch's awkward charm and think that it will work just fine. Plus, we are not at a point to reject anything that comes free.

And if we thought a couch was our only bargain, we were wrong. A few weeks ago, the Gould's dryer broke. They ended up getting a better deal purchasing both a new washer and dryer, but it left them with an extra, but perfectly good, washing machine. So they asked if we wanted that too.

Since our washer is sitting in our utility room full of rusty water, we quickly accepted. After helping Mr. Gould bring the busted dryer to the curb, the washer was all ours.

Not only did we score big with the items today, but they said they would call if they find anything else that might be of interest-- they are in the middle of doing a bit of fall cleaning and renovation. Because we know we will already have some expenses after the inspection, these freebies were definitely welcomed and will be very much used and appreciated.

Thanks Gould Family!