Third times a charm?

Two weeks. Two weeks from today and I will be permanently out of my apartment and back to the burbs. It all seems to be happening so fast. Especially since I have kicked the packing into overdrive, including another 11 boxes today.

This whole weekend was pretty productive. Brian and I looked through a slew of online listings on Friday, narrowing our search down to five. We went looking with Anthony on Saturday. Nothing was jumping out at us at first- most of what we saw was in pretty bad shape. But then Anthony mentioned that a house we had seen before, but was too expensive, had just dropped in price. Turns out that the price drop put this house directly within our budget.

The house was an eviction, so it looked pretty bad the first time we saw it. Not dirty, per say, just littered with stuff.

OK, excuse the color... it would definitely be changed. It was just really hard to see ourselves here with another family's belongings still inside. We really liked the house, but all the baby stuff strewn about made it almost sad to look at.

This was what the house looked like when we saw it on Saturday. Along with price drops, the bank had also come through and completely cleaned the entire interior and exterior of the house, removing what must have been close to a dumpster's worth of stuff.

So, after going back to Brian's, talking to his dad and looking over pictures, we decided to put in a bid! The bid won't officially go in until tomorrow, since the listing agent isn't in on weekends. They also wanted a copy of a certified check for the earnest money. According to the listing, we should have word back in 48 to 72 hours after placing the bid, so at least we won't be waiting long. Let's just hope that the third time is a charm on this one.

Our productiveness even extended to a Sunday. Brian and I drove back to Chicago late Saturday night since Brian was shooting the Bears game this afternoon. While he was at the game, I went to the hardware store to pick up paint scrapers, drop cloths and garbage bags. I packed until he got back from the game, then we got to work on my water-damaged wall.

It doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would- I was expecting holes going through to the exterior brick. We aren't professionals, but the plaster looks fine... a little damp but fine. None of the plaster was wet enough to chip or come off the wall when scraped at. For the most part it looks like most of the damage was to the paint and to the top layer. My building engineer will obviously have to come look at it and give the final word, but it looks like my security deposit won't take as big of a hit as I had thought.

I made Brian dinner since he came all the way back up by me after the game. It was nice to be able to spend one of the last few nice nights I have here out on the patio with Brian, a good dinner and a glass of wine. After dinner, we loaded the boxes I got packed today into the truck.

I can't pack anything else tonight- I ran out of packing tape. Hopefully I can grab some more after work tomorrow so I can get a few more boxes done this week. At this point, it is looking like moving day will mainly be getting all of the big stuff out, along with food and the things I use daily. Although it is taking some time and energy now, I know I will be a lot better off when we are not killing ourselves on the 26th.

Hopefully our bid on the La Londe house goes in tomorrow without any issues. I will post some more pictures tomorrow- I'm too tired tonight!