Square one

Sorry about the lack of posting for almost a week, not to mention the curtness of the last post. We just couldn't help but walk away for awhile after finding out the Grace House was not going to be ours.

We are coming to terms with the fact that we are officially back at square one. We don't like it, but we have accepted it as our fate. So, instead of camping this weekend like we had planned, Brian and I will be spending the weekend repairing my apartment wall (where the air conditioner has been leaking all summer) and going out to the suburbs to look at another group of houses.

A few of the listings Anthony has sent look promising, we hope to have another five or six in the group for Saturday or Sunday. I guess we are going to go over our 27 house limit. As long as we don't end up like the couple on House Hunters who had seen over 100 homes, I think we will be OK.

I am also starting to realize how soon I will be leaving Sherwin on the Lake (my apartment building). It is a mixture of excitement and sadness. Sadness because I am going to miss a lot about the building: living on the lake, awesome neighbors, hearing waves all day and the Devon Market, the most incredible ethnic market I have experienced. And excited because, well, once we find a place I get to live with Brian!

Moving home in the mean time will be challenging. I have lived on my own for two years, and although there won't be any big rules imposed, it will take a while to get used to living my life by someone else's schedule. Although the free rent will be amazing, I have gotten used to doing what I want, when I want. Not so much the case when you have to battle your little sister for use of the bathroom.

Packing/moving boxes back to Naperville is going well-- I brought 10 boxes back last weekend and should have another couple to bring back this weekend. With only 17 days left and a busy work schedule the next few weeks, I want to get as much done as I can now. This might mean sleeping on a futon and eating off the same dish every night, but it will work.

I did score some free boxes from a cafe at UIC this week- they should work perfectly for smaller stuff and dishes. I think I will continue my "green" packing by using my yarn supply to pad dishes, mugs and the like. Not very traditional, but it works.

Lets hope that Brian and I have some house hunting success this weekend. After losing the Grace House, we could definitely use it.