Today was another crazy day for our house search. Not to mention a crazy work day too-- I just got home after a 12+ hour day, only to face another 12+ hour day tomorrow. Thankfully I love my job and it makes it all worth it.

Anyway, to the house front. We got a call from Anthony today, but not at all the call we were expecting. Instead, he called around 4 p.m. to tell us he heard from the bank on the Grace House-- the second house we bid on. Turns out the contract that outbid us fell through, and the house was coming back on the market. So, the bank called and asked us to submit our highest and best bid, ideally by 5 p.m. Mind you, this was at about 4. But, we loved this house so much, that we decided we couldn't pass the possibility up and we put in another bid.

The bank did say there were a few other offers, so we decided to play it safe and bid just above asking price, the same thing we did for the La Londe House. Anthony submitted the bid, and we thought we were back to waiting. Turns out the wait wasn't long.

A few hours later, I get another call from Anthony. This time he had heard from the bank on the La Londe House-- they accepted our bid!

I thought we would be crazy excited, jumping off the walls that a bank finally accepted a bid-- this is definitely a first for us. But now we are in this odd position of wanting to accept the La Londe House, but maybe wanting the Grace House even more.

Fortunately, the addendum and earnest check for the La Londe House isn't due until 4 p.m. on Saturday. Our plan at this point is to see if we hear back on the Grace House on Thursday or Friday, that way if we don't get it we still have time to accept on La Londe. If we do get the Grace House, then we have a decision on our hands.

On one hand, the Grace House is the house that we both fell completely in love with. On the other, the Grace House needs a lot of work, where the La Londe house is virtually move in ready. Then again, the Grace House has more space for us to grow, however, how much space does a young couple really need in their first place?

We could go back and forth forever, but the truth is that we can't make a decision until we hear back on the Grace House. We are hoping that since the bank wanted our highest and best bid so quickly they are motivated to make a fast selection.

But for now, we are back to waiting...