Reasons I will miss Chicago #3

I realize that this entry might not be politically correct, but I couldn't resist. Being that Rogers Park is so close to Evanston and Skokie, we have a large Jewish population, including several Jewish nursing homes and senior centers. I have made a few friends at the senior center next door-- leading to the third reason I will miss Chicago.

I am guessing that this is the Jewish version of Meals on Wheels. Whatever it is, it makes me laugh at least three times a week when it pulls up to the building on my block to deliver Kosher food to the residents. 

I think this ties into an even bigger reason I will miss living in the city-- the incredible diversity Chicago has to offer. From the Kosher to Go truck to the crazy food at the Devon Market, Chicago has a sense of cultural diversity unmatched anywhere else I have been. Although I am sure Lombard has some diversity of its own, I will definitely miss the cultural quirks of the city streets.