Reasons I will miss Chicago #2

Ah, the Devon Market. My only regret, other than moving away from this gem, is the fact that I did not find it sooner. I have been frequenting this place for the last five months or so. Not only do they have better prices than any big chain store, but the food seems to be a much higher quality. I cannot speak for the packaged lamb heads or the cattle hooves, but as far as fresh produce, meats and bread, this is the place to go.

Speaking of bread, this is probably what I will miss the most within the Devon Market-- their Bosnian bread. If you stop in at the right time, you can get this stuff straight from the oven, which is oddly placed front and center in the store next to the cash registers.

I seriously doubt that Lombard or wherever Brian and I end up will have a small, ethnic market that can rival Devon. I guess I am just glad I found this place at all and have been able to enjoy it for the last few months!