Wow this last week/weekend has been busy. Between the house debate, a crazy work schedule and moving/cleaning, I am pretty excited for it to be over.

On Friday, Brian and I decided to officially go with the La Londe house. We hadn't heard back from Grace, but we decided that La Londe was a much smarter choice for where we are in life. Our Realtor Anthony came by on Saturday morning to pick up the addendum, as it was due by 4 p.m.

Anthony also called the bank for the Grace House to let them know we were retracting our offer. They said it was too bad-- it was "looking very positive for us." Even though we didn't wait to get a response, we know we made the right choice.

Brian and I moved me out on Sunday-- it took about 12 hours between getting to the city, packing and moving, then bringing everything back to Naperville to unpack. I tried not to unpack everything, just what I figure I will use in the next month. It feels pretty uncomfortable to be living out of boxes, but I think it makes more since as we move in about a month.

I drove back to the city earlier today to get my apartment all cleaned out. It wasn't much, I just cleaned out the kichen and bathroom, cleaned up some scuffs, removed a few posters and shampood/vacuumed the carpet. All I can say is that Magic Erasers are amazing!

It was a little sad getting ready to leave the apartment-- I have spent more than a year calling my little studio home. Right as I closed the door for the final time (with a few tears in my eyes) I got an e-mail. Our contract had been signed by the bank-- we are on the way to closing on October 28. I don't know if I believe in fate, but the timing couldn't have been better to make me realize it is time to start a new chapter of my life.

Our loan officer called a few minutes later. She had the contract in hand and was working to underwrite our loan! She said we should be on track for the October closing and just needed a few more details to get the process rolling. She also said that we would be within $100 of our ideal mortgage payment-- yay!

The next step will be the home inspection. We are hoping to have it scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday. Then we can have the appaisal completed and work on getting the loan pushed through. It has been a long process so far, and it isn't going to be over anytime soon. But at least we are making progress. In a little over a month, we hope to have a place to call our own.