Not much to say

We are still waiting. Anthony said that if he doesn't hear back today he will call the listing office and see if the bank has made any decisions. I hope we are still only competing against two other bidders.

I got a call from Mary Ann (our loan officer) yesterday- she just wanted to check in and see if we put in a bid and if we had any questions on our loan. I told her we didn't have questions (yet) and that we did put in a bid and were waiting to hear back. We thought we might get lucky for a minute, as Mary Ann asked what bank owned Grace House- if it was a Bank of America affiliate she may be able to work something out on her end. Unfortunately after a bit of research, we found out that the house is owned by another bank... we are back to square one.

Hopefully by the end of today our wait will be over; at least we will know if we got the house or if we are back to looking. I am heading back to the suburbs tonight, with 10 boxes in tow. At least by the time we have to move me back to Naperville there won't be too much to pack, other than the big stuff.

On another note, my apartment is continuing to fall apart. I went to take a shower yesterday morning; when I pulled up on the little shower tab the whole thing came off in my hand! Not like a few people have thought, where the top part just comes unscrewed, but the whole thing from inside the faucet. I am convinced my apartment is out to get me.

Fortunately, my building engineer confirmed that there was no way I could have caused this damage. It is just something that has been wearing for a while, and chose that morning to break off. I came back home yesterday after work to find that it hadn't been repaired- the engineer had to wait for approval from my landlord to do anything. After a sink bath last night, I got a call this morning that the engineer would be attempting to fix it today- hopefully I will have a shower by the time I get home!