Green packing

Still no word on the Grace House. I really hope we hear something by the end of this week. I need a reason to celebrate.

I packed five more boxes packed last night- I will be bringing at least six out to the 'burbs this weekend. One of them is stuffed with books... maybe I'll let Brian carry that one. Poor guy, he is the official heavy box lifter and bug killer. I still think it is a fair trade- I am one of those freaks who loves laundry so he will never have to worry about it!

Last night, I focused my packing attention towards the items I am not planning on using in the next month... some have not been touched since I moved in a year ago. Most of what went in boxes is glassware: a sangria set, wine and martini glasses, fancy platters and glassware and the like. When I moved from Roscoe Village to Rogers Park a year ago, I saved up a bunch of newspapers and packing materials to make sure all of my fragile glassware arrived safely. Not wanting to deal with saving up several weeks worth of old newspapers (especially since Frankie the dog loves to shred them) I looked around for packing material within my apartment. Low and behold I found the best packing material ever: winter clothes.

I love hoodies. And scarves and hats. And I realized last night- why pack two boxes with clothes in one and glasses in the other when I can combine them? Hoodies work great to pad the bottom of boxes and bigger items, while scarves wrap around glasses perfectly. Socks (clean ones!) stuff into bigger wine glasses to make sure they don't get crushed in the move.

Not only do bulky clothes provide more padding, but there is no waste. The worst part of moving, for me at least, is the garbage bags full of newspapers and other trash you just throw away when you are done. This way, the only thing to recycle are the boxes themselves- and that's if we don't keep them for storage.

I guess we are learning more than just mortgages, loans and taxes, although sometimes it seems like that is all I think about these days. Hopefully I get a few more boxes packed tonight to bring with me this weekend. Then it's off to Indiana for a Labor Day bonfire- hopefully I can get my brain to shut off long enough to enjoy a weekend without house hunting!