We are still waiting to hear back on the La Londe house. Anthony said he sent in the requested information on Friday- hopefully we have an answer today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the interesting, and sometimes downright disgusting, things we have seen on our hunts. Here we go...

This was on our first day out-- welcome to your new home! What? You don't like gang insignia, Nazi symbols, genitals and profanity spray painted on the INSIDE of your garage? I thought that was the newest trend!

I think this shot may have made it on the blog once before. I mean, I am all for modern convenience, but having the washer and dryer in the already tiny kitchen might be pushing it. Not to mention that the whole place smelled like a litter box. No thank you.

Brian and I have both openly admitted our love of most things retro-- most being the operative word. While this house was nice and "quaint" it was hard to get past the lemon-lime kitchen.

This may have been one of the more unique town homes we came across. Between the skull and crossbones towels, to the mace (as in medieval torture device, not self-defense spray) on the coffee table, we just didn't know where to turn. Not to mention the "World's Best Grandpa" framed photo on the other end of the table...

This may have beat out the last photo for most interesting town house. I was confused enough about who would design an entire room in marble furniture-- bed, wardrobe, vanity, nightstands, everything. So imagine my surprise when I bumped into the nightstand and realized it was all PLASTIC!

I think we have all of two inside shots of this place. While we were drawn to it because of its size, we quickly realized that we had made a big mistake. In case you can't read it, my notes say "no driveway, deck needs work, unfinished bathroom... No!" After almost killing myself slipping on the kitchen floor where the fridge had been leaking, we decided to get out of this place ASAP.

I know that this is clearly a stuffed animal. I know that... now. But imagine seeing a pile of insulation on a floor, then looking up and seeing a big whole through the roof. Then, glance quickly over to the left where you see an animal staring back at you. It might not seem too scary, but my screams were loud enough to make Brian come tearing up the stairs, thinking I was being attacked. I can almost guarantee my pulse was still racing when we left this place.

This is directly across the hall from the scary stuffed animal room. Yes, those are baby clothes in the drawer, and yes, those are Hustler magazines on the floor. Even if this house was amazing, I don't know if we could live anywhere that baby clothes and porn were found in the same room. Just plain creepy.

In the end, our months of house hunting have been hard, exhausting and definitely frustrating. But it is looking back at photos like these that make us laugh, and almost make all the frustration worth it. Hopefully soon we can look back and laugh at our hunt from the comfort of a home we can call our own.