The bid is in

Our bid on the La Londe house went in at 3 p.m. today! I don't want to get ahead of myself, but it is nice to know that we are (once again) one step closer to owning a home. It is also nice to know that no one else has put in a bid on this house so far- at least we don't have any competition for the time being.

I can see us living in this house the more I look at the pictures. The house and surrounding area are great. There is a lagoon and walking path right at the end of our block, plus Brian's aunt and cousin are on the next block! It would be pretty nice to know some neighbors, plus maybe we can even get some help moving in :)

As promised, here are some shots.

This house doesn't have all the vintage charm that some other ones we have seen had- it was built in 1955. But the rest of the house makes up for it.

The hardwood floors throughout the first level are amazing. They don't even need to be touched- a definite step above a lot of the hardwood we have seen.

We love how open the front of this house is. Open floor plans are a difficult find in our price range- it is great to find something with such a large feel even if it is about 1,500 square feet.

Not to mention a big kitchen! It might not seem too large, but compared to my tiny galley kitchen in my place, this is amazing. It also has a ton of counter space- get ready for baked goods galore.

This is the main hallway off of the kitchen and the living/dining room. The one bathroom needs a bit of updating, but it will definitely work. There is a ton of closet space, and just wait until we get to the master.

Hello space! This master is a massive 24X12. The carpeted section was a 1996 add-on, and has a skylight plus a great view of the backyard. There are TWO closets in this room, including a walk-in!

This is the second room, located upstairs. Because of the lower, angled ceilings, we would use this space for our offices. The room right down the hall is the robin's egg blue room I had in the last post.

Here is where our second bath could be. It is pretty small, and might only be able to have a shower, if not just a half bath. Regardless, it would be nice to have the extra bathroom somewhere down the line.

The back of the house is definitely not too attractive right now, but once we get some of the wires out of the way and build a deck from the addition to the back door, it will be pretty amazing. Not to mention the two and a half car garage just out of the frame on the right. Such a shame that Brian's drums can't make it into the house... I am so sad. Can you taste the sarcasm?

And, the back yard. The lot measures 60X182- plenty of room for Frankie to run around. And it is already fenced! I can already imagine a small little garden with all of Mom's herbs and veggies in it!

I have definitely learned not to get too hopeful when we put bids in- at this point I am almost pessimistic. But we do have the pre-approval we need, and we are the only bidders for the time being. Wouldn't it be great if I could start posting about renovations and paint colors instead of lot sizes and moldy basements?