My head is spinning. Not because I donated blood today, but because Brian and I have realized that our house hunt has been launched forward at warp speed.

The day started off with e-mailing all of the required information over to our new loan officer at Bank of America. We were hoping to have a response today, but because "someone" didn't fax all of the required documents, the loan officer could not get to us today. As long as Brian faxes his info tonight, we are at the top of her list tomorrow and should have a response by tomorrow afternoon, evening at the latest.

Now for the real curve ball- the house itself. Brian's dad and uncle went with Anthony (realtor) and looked at the house tonight. They had mixed reviews. They both agreed that there was a ton of potential in the house, but we could easily spend a lot more than we are comfortable with in renovations. There is a leaking pipe in the basement, which could be fixed. The kitchen also needs a lot of work, which we were aware of. The real shocker? Even though the house has been on the market less than two weeks, there are already two bids on it.

Brian and I discussed everything that happened today and we have come to a conclusion. Yes, the house needs work. And no, we won't be able to afford the amazing kitchen and great finished basement that we would love to have. We both agreed, however, that this house is worth dealing with stock cabinets and an unfinished basement- at least for a few years. So, we are going to put in a bid and see what happens. Since we have no idea what the other bids are, we have no way of knowing if we will even get the house. And if our bid was accepted, we can always retract it if for whatever reason we realized that this is way out of our grasp, either financially or logically.

At this point we just don't know. And we would hate to miss out on what could be an incredible house because we are afraid of the work. If we at least put in the bid, we know that we did what we could to make this one ours.

Brian is going to call Anthony tonight and have him fax the bid to Brian to sign. Then Brian will send it over to me at work so I can sign it in the morning. We will then have Anthony hold onto it until we hear back from Bank of America on the loan, then we will have him send the bid in. After that, we are back to waiting...