Still no word from the Downers Grove house, at this point we have given up. We were able to get back into the Villa Park house yesterday and we put in a bid! So herein lies a whole new level of anxiety.

At first Anthony was not hearing back at all. Then he finally heard that the owner no longer wanted to show the place. We found out that the house goes to a sheriff's sale on Aug. 17- at this point the owner has given up on finding a sale before the house goes into foreclosure. After Anthony stressed that we were looking at the house a second time and were very interested, she agreed to show it, but only before 6 p.m.

We took Dan with us this time, just in case we missed something the first time we saw it. Brian and I both liked the house the second time through; it still looks like the floors and painting would be our biggest tasks. We checked more details this time, including water pressure, closet size, etc. While we may want to do some remodels in the future, this is definitely a place that works for us.

Although we want to stay away from short sales, the fact that it goes to the sheriff's sale on the 17th was a big factor in why we decided to put our bid in. At this point, if the owner accepts our bid, we only have to wait two weeks to hear from the bank- if we don't hear back by the 17th, we know we aren't getting it. It still isn't ideal, but at least we are only waiting two weeks and not two months. We are also hopeful that the bank might move a little faster to prevent this becoming a foreclosure, but there are still no guarantees. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that the bank will look at our offer and realize it is a lot better than having the house sit empty for the four to six months the foreclosure takes place. Not to mention they would have to wait however many months it sits empty before they find a buyer.

We put in our bid at 10 a.m. this morning- we decided to go with $130K. We didn't want to go too low for the bank to take seriously, but we also didn't want to go overboard. Still no answer from the owner, but Anthony said it usually takes anywhere from ten minutes to three days. He said we should have some sort of response before Friday. Then we just have to see what the bank says. If any great listings come up in the meantime we will still look- but the next two weekends are pretty busy with work, and a mini vacation in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here are a few more photos that I didn't post on Sunday:

The living room was pretty big, about 18X13. This is the carpet we will be pulling up, I don't think Brian is too happy that it is glued down. The wall color isn't bad- it will spare us a few gallons of paint and quite a bit of time.

Everyone thinks I am crazy for how excited I am about a laundry room. But after a year of doing laundry in the basement of an apartment building, I think I deserve a naturally lit room right off the kitchen! Plus, crazy as it sounds, I love doing laundry!

We will take the time and spend the money to paint this room- pink and roses just isn't quite our thing! But, at 13X10, this master bedroom has some good potential. We just wish the windows were a bit bigger, but they let in a surprising amount of light for their size.