Still waiting...

Still no word from the owner on the Villa Park house. The offer has been in for over 36 hours... nothing. I am hoping that she just needs to talk to an attorney or family before getting back to us and we will hear something by tomorrow, but who knows. Worst case, we just move on to house 21... or 22... or 23.

We do plan on continuing to look, although I don't think we would get much done in the next two weeks. Unless something drastic changes, I am not going to the suburbs this weekend... I have been driving back and forth way too much. Not to mention that I am driving back Wednesday to Naperville just so Brian and I can drive three and a half hours to his lake house next weekend. More driving? No thank you.

I am pretty sure that Anthony has sent us more listing since last weekend, so whenever we get a chance to go out there will be plenty to look at! Still, hopefully we hear something tomorrow from the Villa Park house so we know which direction to head.

On a different note, I showed my apartment for the first time this morning. It was definitely a weird feeling, as this small space has been my home for the last year. It was a strange mixture of sadness and excitement, knowing that after I leave here I am on to something new- whether Brian and I end up in the Villa Park house or somewhere entirely different. Now I just can't wait to see where we land.