Oh the possibilities!

This time around I have decided not to post photos of the whole day, instead focusing on the Grace house. (I tried to come up with a clever name, but the Grace house seemed to fit the simplicity and charm of this place). Here is a quick photo-tour, courtesy of Brian.

Well, before we get to the house itself, here is a quick shot to summarize the rest of the day. This particular listing didn't even get a full tour, as seeing the living room and kitchen was enough to send us running.

Here is the Grace house. Minus the plywood front door, this place has a ton of curb appeal, including a small front porch and wooden driveway gate. Now, just picture it with a front door like THIS (but cheaper) and we would be all set.

It even comes with a pool! We would definitely be removing this, but it was good for a laugh.

This is through the back entry- it is a small, enclosed porch area. The door on the far right is the third bedroom, the one on the near right is the entryway into the kitchen.

The kitchen obviously needs a lot of love. But while I wanted to run away, Brian reassured me that it wasn't as bad as it looked and that with a little work, this could be a great space.

While the kitchen was an odd shape, it was very open and the windows let in a lot of light.

This is why we both fell in love with this house. From the arches to the baseboards to the windows, it had every vintage detail we both adore. Not to mention that pulling back the carpet exposed beautiful hardwood floors.

This is the front entry to the house, which would become our living room. It had the same great detailing and hardwood floors- everything we love.

Here is our greatest fear. While the mold wasn't as bad as this picture makes it look, we want to make sure that this won't be a recurring issue. It looks like the basement was finished at one time, we just hope we can get it back to that condition. Hopefully Brian's uncle will be able to give us a better idea if this is even a possibility, or if this is more of a mess than we want to invest in.

And finally, a rare shot of the photographer- the little seen Brian. He has been having fun taking these little self-portraits whenever he finds an interesting mirror in a house.

Anthony got back to Brian today and said that we can go into the house any day this week except tomorrow. I am hoping we can schedule something for Wednesday or Thursday evening so that I can really look at the house again. If that doesn't work, I trust Brian's judgment and opinion on whether or not this place is worth it. It is more important to schedule the visit around his uncle, as he will be able to give us more perspective on whether or not we could call this house home.