A mysterious bidder

Brian just called, he heard back from Anthony today. Unfortunately we didn't get a yes or a no... we got a maybe. According to the seller's agent, there is another bid on the Villa Park house. At first I was really sad, but then Brian brought up a good point: isn't it ironic that they suddenly got in another bid nine days before the sheriff's sale and a few days after they commented on our bid being too low?

There is no definite way to tell- we can only hope that if it is a real bidder that they put in a bid below $130K. However, it does seem possible that the seller could be playing us, trying to scare us into a higher bid. Unfortunately for the seller, we have already agreed on our limit. If it is a real bidder, and they go higher, we are out of the running and back to searching.

I really hope that Brian is right and this is just the seller trying to play games. I guess we will have an answer in a few days.