Maybe today

Well, no such luck getting into the Downer's Grove house last night- the family living there still hasn't called Anthony back. We also weren't able to get back into the Villa Park home for a second look- no answer there. We are hoping to hear back from both families today, so we can make the DG house number 21, and take a look back at the VP house to see if it is worth jumping into the world of short sales.

Brian did talk to Anthony a little more about short sales yesterday and clarified a few things. He said that he feels an offer of around $128K is very strong on a $139,900 listing, but still said that there is no way to determine if the owner or the bank will accept. He also said that we put no money in until the owner approves, at which point we would have to pay a fee. However, we can work it into the contract that we will retract our offer and money if we don't hear back from the bank in a certain amount of time. Anthony still stressed that it could be anywhere from two days to two weeks to two months- some people just never hear back from the bank. Hopefully that won't be the case.

I am waiting to hear back from Brian as to whether or not we can go out and look at one or both of the listings tonight, I hope that at least one of the families gets back to Anthony. You would think that families facing foreclosure would be more inclined to answer the phone, but who knows.

I think we are both just ready to move into the next phase of this process, and away from moldy basements and half-completed renovations. Although who knows, once we enter the closing process, we might want to come running back! This whole process has been quite the adventure so far, and we're barely a third of the way through. Not to mention the adventure that will begin once we actually own a home- who knows what we will come across. At least we'll have plenty to write about!