It's back!

The colorful house is officially back on the market. Not only that, but the price has been reduced quite a bit. Like I said before, we are not jumping into any contracts, but we are definitely going to go see it again this weekend.

The only thing that makes me really nervous about this house (other than the lack of central air) is the FHA appraisal. I have been doing my research, and while they don't seem to be quite as strict as I thought, there are still some concerns. The main one is the exterior paint. According to FHA guidelines, any peeling or chipping paint must be scraped, sanded and repainted. I remember the paint looking pretty rough and I know we would probably reside the house within five years, but I don't know if that would cut it to get the loan.

Hopefully we add a few more possibilities to the list for this weekend, I know Anthony has been sending us quite a few listings. We shall see.

In the meantime, here are some interior shots of the colorful house that I promised weeks ago. It seemed pointless to post them when it was under contract, but they are pretty fun to share.

Just a reminder on the outside of the house. It sits on a large corner lot in a really nice neighborhood. I don't think the outside is such a bad color, but Brian refuses to live in a yellow house.

And, cue color! This is the living room, the door behind me is the entry. Little did we know upon entering, but this lovely orange hue was just the beginning of the color palate in this place.

This is the first of two bedrooms on the first floor, which were connected by a jack-and-jill bathroom. Nothing says future office like some pastel purple walls.

And how could you choose anything other than pastel pink for the other bedroom? Note that at this point, my brain is starting to go into color overload.

I mean really, who doesn't want a mint-green dining room, especially when you get the great views of the orange living room? We all started feeling like we were in a Crayola box after a while.

My brain had completely melted by this point. I really wish we had some photos of Brian's reactions to this house hunt, but as the photographer we rarely get to see him. This is a great three season room, which could be even better with a few new coats of paint- preferably all the same color!

The master bedroom may have been my favorite. It appeared to be a simple, sky blue... that is until the sun came through the window. The paint had some sort of iridescent sheen to it- every time the sun came in the entire room lit up like a Christmas tree. Interesting, but definitely not going to work for us.

Even the outside of the house was two colors- another point that makes me nervous with the FHA appraisal. This is the back of the house, only visible by one neighbor, but I am not sure how picky they are. Of course we would reside eventually, but probably not as soon as FHA might require.

While Brian and I love color, this was a bit too much for both of us. At least the crazy color palate would force us to start from scratch, really creating combinations that we really like instead of settling.

Whether or not we get this house, at least we have been able to laugh at the hunt!