In the meantime

We still haven't heard anything from the owner of the Villa Park house. After a call to Anthony on Friday, we are thinking that the owner is waiting until the last possible minute to see if any better offers come in. I have relaxed in the past few days, realizing that if we get the house, wonderful. If not, then we just have to keep looking. Of course I really hope we get the house, but there will be something out there. We have only really been waiting five days. At only nine days away from the sheriff's sale, it is really a short time to wait for an answer.

In the meantime, I have really been focusing on getting my apartment ready to show. Although he might not see it this way, Brian is lucky to be living at home- he doesn't have to deal with cleaning, organizing and making sure the space looks perfect for both the landlord and potential renter. I really want (and need) my security deposit back- it could go a long way for paint, sanders, window treatments, etc.

So I have been cleaning. And organizing. And throwing a lot away. So much so that Frankie (the dog) has become extremely paranoid and is within two feet of me at all times. He's snoozing under my chair as I write this! I finished cleaning my main closet yesterday, it is looking great. After filling two garbage bags of clothes to donate and one full bag of garbage, I have a lot more space. Everything looks organized and clean- I forgot how big the closet is.

After sleeping in a bit this morning, I finally took down my Christmas lights. I know, they have been up forever, but they did add a little bit of color- at least while they still worked, which was up until a few months ago. I really have no excuse, other than a lack of motivation. Brian was happy to hear that I also got rid of my three resident spiders; he warned that potential renters might not like them as much as I do. I know, most people don't befriend spiders, but they did do a great job of grabbing any pesky critters that would sneak in through the air conditioner. Oh well, they were good while they lasted.

Up next will be to clean out my utility closet- I was amazed by how big it was when I first moved in. Now, I am shocked by how much is crammed in there, mainly items that can easily be tossed or donated. Even though we will have way more room in any house we move into than I do here, we don't want to bring a bunch of unnecessary stuff to the new place that we will never use.

I am almost a little happy that it is cloudy and rainy today- the beach is not quite as appealing! Now, I just need to get motivated to keep up the cleaning- off I go.