All is not lost

I want to start by saying that my hopes are not up. Just to be clear. Even so, there is a small glimmer in the distance.

When we got back from the lake house last night, Brian and I decided to go through the 20 or so listings Anthony had sent us the last few weeks. Unfortunately, most of the listings this round were duds. Nothing we saw was really in line for what we have been looking for until we noticed something familiar- the colorful house was back on our list! This was our first contender that we visited on our first day out. While we both liked the space, we wanted to see what else was out there. And while we were doing that, colorful house got a contract.

We can't be sure until we speak with Anthony, but according to our listings, the house is back on the market at a substantially reduced price. The only thing we can guess is that the bidder's contract fell through.

Although we still aren't going to jump into a contract on this house, we agree that it is definitely worth looking at again, this time we will bring Brian's dad with us for the final approval. We know that it would need to be resided soon, and definitely needs some interior paint. My biggest concern would be the cost of putting in central air, as the house is gas-heated right now. Anthony mentioned that the duct work is usually in place downstairs, we would just have to check on how expensive it would be to bring it through the house.

Even if the house is back on the market, there is no guarantee we would even put in a bid. If we did, there is no way of knowing if our contract would hold, especially depending on why this contract may have ended- if that is the case. My new biggest fear is the FHA inspection and whether or not it will affect a final contract on any house we choose.

And I repeat, I am NOT getting my hopes up. Even so, wouldn't it be ironic if we ended up living in the first house we fell for?