Sad day

Well, I was going to post the interior photos of the colorful house, but we just heard from our realtor that it has a contract on it. I am pretty bummed. It will still be a house to compare to, I just wish it was still a contender. I am really hoping that we find something on the next trip to get my motivation back up. We are adding townhomes to the mix, but we really want to save that as a last resort. 

It just sucks that this was the first house we actually saw as a potential home. Though, I guess this has taught me one thing- don't get my hopes up until that contract is signed. I always tell myself to not get my hopes too high, but for some reason I let this one slip.

On a positive note, we have an appointment at Chase on Friday, and Anthony said he can take us out to look at some more places on Sunday. We have about a dozen houses to preview online, hopefully we can get that done Thursday or Friday. We are really eager for the appointment with the bank- it will be such a relief to get finances in a row so that we don't miss out if we happen to find another potentially great place.

For now we are just getting all of the documentation ready for the bank on Friday- they require quite a bit of information. 

Well, lesson learned. Now I just need to work on balancing my excitement about building a home for us with the reality of how the market works. Time for a lesson in patience.