Quick update

Sorry for a weekend of no posts- Brian and I shot an 11 hour wedding yesterday that left us both exhausted. Not to mention that he shot another wedding Saturday night.

There isn't much new going on... I called the loan officer at the bank today- no answer. I left a message, so hopefully we will hear back soon. We are still aiming for a Friday appointment, that way we can look at some more places Sunday with a better understanding of what we can afford to spend. 

We are definitely going to use the colorful house as our benchmark when we go looking this weekend- I hope that something matches, or surpasses, its qualifications. Our goal is to look until we find at least three major contenders, then go back and do a detailed walk through of those three. I am not sure if that is how it is traditionally done, but it seems to make sense for our needs. 

It is looking like the colorful house could be a major contender, despite the work that it needs. We figure we can hold off on residing, as long as it gets done in the next five years. Brian will just have to deal with living in a yellow house until then! 

Let's just hope that Sunday brings along a few more decent picks- it would be great to have at least two houses to compare. Until then, we just hope we can get the pre-approval process started this week. As always, I am starting to panic about timing, even though Brian keeps telling me it is OK. I have just over two months left in my lease- I just really hope that we can purchase something and have it relatively move-in ready by October 1!