House dreams

I've decided that I am going to ban us from HGTV (home and garden television). Although we have received a few good pointers, like avoiding short-sales, I think these home buying shows are ruining our (well, my) expectations.

I know our budget, and would be super excited to move in with Brian even if we were looking at double-wides. Haha. But it is a little disheartening to watch a show where a couple is looking for their "weekend estate" in the heart of Napa Valley. With a budget of $1.5 to $2 million, their "needs" list included a pool, an art studio, wine storage room and a vineyard view. The episode before? A retired couple looking to downsize with a new home in Nicaragua. Their requirements? An ocean view and walking distance to a golf course.

Just once I want to see a show about a couple TRULY looking for their first home, with a budget of less than $150K. Like so many things in life, these shows that are supposed to provide ideas and entertainment are merely showing us what is out of our reach. I honestly think that ratings would go up and viewers would be happier knowing that these shows were a little more realistic to the majority of Americans. I'm just saying, it would be awesome to see someone on one of these shows who had central air on their want list, not a separate guest house.

On a more positive note, I called Chase today to get an appointment with the loan officer. The representative I spoke with was great, and said that although their resident loan officer was out for the day, she would be in tomorrow and promised a return call tomorrow or Monday. She even gave me the loan officer's contact information so that, worst case scenario, I could call next week to confirm the appointment.

I am just hoping that Chase is as great in person as they have been online and over the phone.

And I do still promise to post photos of Colorful House in Villa Park- ftp file sharing is crawling!