The bad, the worse and the hopeful

As promised, here are some photos from our first day out.

The outside of the first house we looked at in Lisle. Cute exterior, with small yard and 2 car garage. Looked pretty promising from out here!

Unfortunately, the charm pretty much ended when we walked inside. Despite a cute, retro kitchen, the rest of the house was a no- too many weird, small rooms and creepy staircases. Plus, it kinda smelled like a grandma's house (and no, not the smell of fresh-baked cookies!)

This house was Brian's favorite listing- he has a thing for "knotty pine walls." I knew before we walked in that I was not going to live in a suburban cabin, but we looked anyway. This one was in Downers Grove and I had to admit, the living room was kind of cute. The roaring traffic right outside the front door, however, was not.

Not to mention this creepy little room. In lieu of a basement, there was a tiny, dingy little room right off the kitchen with the utilities, washer and dryer. Yuck.

This was a sweet little place, again in Downers Grove. It was listed as a two bedroom, one bathroom home that had "lots of possibilities for buyer who likes to rehab."

No kidding! Apparently a flood had damaged the basement, so the owner did the logical thing- cut out the bottom half of the drywall. And this didn't count the repairs to walls, floors and carpet upstairs. Plus, there was no garage. Definite no.

Yet another promising little place, this one was in Westmont. Even the inside seemed promising at first, with nice hardwood floors, and decent sized bedrooms. But we still found the downfall.

For two people who love to cook, this kitchen was WAY too tiny. The only counter space was the small butcher block and the tiny space next to the kitchen. Definitely not going to work.

But finally, possible success. This 4-bedroom, 2-bath was in Villa Park. And while I am not denying that the outside needed some serious work (think deck, new siding, etc) I think this house finally gave us some hope. So much so, that I told Brian I had already mentally moved in... I definitely got the eye roll on that one. But seriously- I could really see us living here. It was bright and airy (bright being the key word- I'll post interior shots later) with a huge master and master closet. Plus, it had a three-season room (the part in the picture jutting out) that MIGHT be able to fit the pool table that Brian is hoping is moving with us!

I will post the interior shots as soon as I get them from Brian, as he is the master photographer on our house hunts.

Stay tuned!